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Examination, Diagnosis and Consultation

First, Dr. Schoenenberger and his assistants will introduce themselves with the patient and review their dental and medical history. If xrays are required, the assistants will take a full or partial set of xrays. Then we will do a complete examination of the patients mouth, including measuring of periodontal pockets, and explain the findings from the freshly taken X-rays. We may need to take impressions of the teeth inorder for Dr. Schoenenberger's diagnosis accuracy. These procedures help us determine how healthy a mouth is, or to what extent it has been damaged. Using the diagnosis information, we will work out details and the sequence of the special treatment recommended. We will then be able to answer any questions the patient may have concerning the treatment, the time it will take, and what it will cost. This will usually be completed at the firstappointment.


Conscious Sedation

Today, more than ever, patients are aware of the importance of periodontal health and the potential consequences of untreated disease. Despite this increased awareness, patient anxiety and fear concerning treatment can sometimes get in the way of optimal periodontal care. In addition to new treatment options that use state of the art techniques and improvements in local anesthesia, conscious sedation is available to make your treatment more pleasant and comfortable. This important option has eased the minds of many periodontal patients, and unlocked the benefits of periodontal treatment for those who would have otherwise avoided it.

Conscious sedation is a safe, drug-induced state in which patients are conscious and pleasantly relaxed, but free of fear, anxiety and apprehension. The use of conscious sedation is safe and effective, and will help patients feel comfortable and confident during the periodontal treatment. It is similar to general anesthesia but does not carry the inherent risks associated with general anesthesia. Dr.Schoenenberger will be glad to explain this option to the patient to make the periodontal care more relaxed, and continue the road to periodontal health full of smiles.


Save Time In Our Office

Patients are encouraged to fill out and bring our Medical History, Insurance,and Periodontal Forms that will be mailed to the patient before their first appointment. If time permits feel free to use the self addressed stamped envelope to mail back the fully completed health history and insurance sheets to our office in advance of the scheduled appointment. We also now have the forms on our website that you can easily fill out and will be directly sent to our office.


Digital Dental X-rays: High Tech, High Value

Dr. Schoenenberger replaced our standard dental x-rays in the office for the new digital system nearly 20 years ago. One of the benefits of digital X-ray technology is the instant output of an image that is then viewed on a computer monitor. A sensor is placed inside the patient's mouth with a cored retracting back to the computer, instead of a piece x-ray film, and requires approximately 70% less radiation to produce the same results. This essiatially replaces the need for a dark room and the long process of developing a film strip.


Protect Tomorrow, Today

Most people want to keep their own natural teeth as long as possible. They also want low dental bills while keeping their teeth attractive and comfortable. Treatment plans and financial arrangements can make this possible. The prevention of dental disease and tooth loss is the primary objective of this office. Most of our efforts will be directed toward optimum health.



As a courtesy to our patients, weare happy to complete and submit all necessary insurance forms, supervise all pre and post operative correspondence, and help in any other way we can to ensure prompt and accurate payment.We shall report only what is to be performed and when it was done. It will be a true and accurate report from our office records.

The amount of coverage receive from an insurance company depends solely on the terms of the contract with that company. Health and dental insurancesare a contract between the insurer and the insured. Therefore, the patient is responsible for full payment of all charges not covered by their insurance policy.


*Fees are based on the time spent with the patient and the dental procedure rendered. If there is have any questions regarding fees, and/or alternate payment schedules, please feel free to contact us.



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